Monday, 12 January 2009

American Tax Relief Exists!!!

Have you ever heard of an “Offer in Compromise settlement”? I have never had until recently when a friend of ours told us about his tax struggle last year due to what he calls, “delinquent tax liabilities”.
As many of you know, I haven’t been living in the USA for so long, and so I am always interested in learning from people’s experiences to better understand how things are run in America. And it goes without saying that Taxes are for me a big mystery!
Anyhow, our friend, whose business wasn’t doing that great lately, basically owed more than he could pay for to the IRS, and a loan was no option as he couldn’t afford to get more debt, his business was barely breaking even and he and his family were mainly in quest of survival. His accountant thought the only way he could get rid of the levy the IRS had put on his accounts is to hire a tax lawyer. Our friend was kind of uncertain at first, as he couldn’t risk paying a lawyer with no guarantee that his situation would get better, but he didn’t have much of a choice, so he went on with the idea and got in touch with American Tax Relief, a company that specializes in resolving tax issues for businesses and individuals. The lawyer assigned to him told him about many available settlements available to repay the IRS that few people know about. That is to say, all the IRS wants is to get its money. So if that means getting it a bit at a time, or not getting any, they’d rather go with the first option.
Our friend’s lawyer from The American Tax Relief underwent mediation with the IRS and was able to lift up the levy, negotiate an adequate settlement plan and even decrease it by a couple thousands. So at the end, it saved more by hiring the lawyer from American Tax Relief and paying his dues, than it would have cost him to do it alone. As my mom used to use: getting help can be your best bargain!
I figured I’ll share the story with you too so you would know, just in case J


Anonymous said...

American Tax Relief is such a hot company that they get a "F" rating from the California Better Business Bureau. Beware

Anonymous said...
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Raj said...

I am very glad to see such information which I was searching for a long time.

Tax Relief